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Teaching English in France

When you are an English speaker in France, finding work can prove to be a complicated task. Talk To Teach enables you to teach English while working from home and accommodating between 2 and 4 young students in your own home, providing a fun and rewarding experience.

Unlike a traditional route like becoming a teacher for the Ministry of Education, to offer a language immersion from your own home doesn't require a degree in Education. Instead, a degree in any subject or a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification is all the qualification that is necessary, combined with an enthusiasm for spending time with young students and doing fun activities with them.

Talk To Teach offers a substantial income, which is more stable than working as a private tutor, where income is often unpredictable.

Talk To Teach is the recruitment website for Daily English and we are offering the opportunity for native English speakers to offer language immersions while working from home.

Who are Daily English?

Daily English is a group created by Sally Cornan, an Englishwoman based in France.

Daily English is a group created by Sally Cornan, an Englishwoman based in France. Their purpose is to teach English through week-long immersion homestays with English-speaking families. Their programs are aimed at children, teenagers and adults alike. The concept is the following: students in small groups live with an English family, learn the language with morning lessons, and enjoy a different environment with fun afternoon activities.

Families are carefully selected by the director and her team for being able to offer English lessons with a stable familial environment. The objective is to teach a language, but also a culture and traditions in a fun and enriching way.

Tips on Teaching English

Tips on Teaching English

There are some tips that you can use to teach English as a foreign language, no matter the age or background of your audience. First and foremost, you must be patient and encouraging, adapt to the level of your students, and show them that making a mistake helps learning and progress. You must use sources, activities and documents as varied and adapted as possible in order to work on all skills that your students will need to communicate efficiently.

Stay authentic and as close to real life as you can so that the skills that you are teaching can be reused in your students' own lives. But most important of all, keep it short, light and fun!

Becoming a host family

Normandy host family

If you are a native English speaker, living in France, and your family speaks English fluently, you could become one of the Daily English families. It is a good way to share your heritage with motivated students during the holidays whilst spending quality time with your family. Our language immersions are often booked out months in advance, giving you a stable income too.

In order to teach English and supervise minors, you must have a TEFL certificate or be educated to degree level, have a spare bedroom (or two spare bedrooms, children can share) to welcome 1, 2, 3 or 4 children, have the possibility to offer daily fun activities. If your application is accepted by Daily English, you will be able to work from home and benefit from their guidance and professionalism in order to give students the best educational homestay possible.

Becoming TEFL qualified

Become a TEFL teacher

To become a host family for Daily English, at least one adult from your family must be TEFL certified or educated to degree level. Most families who apply already meet this criterion, however we can support families in becoming TEFL qualified. Our recommended TEFL course is via Intesol Worldwide, who we have no affiliation with.

They offer 2 online programs that you can complete in as much time as you need, with 120 hours of class on methodology, English, the art of teaching and class management. The 120 hour TEFL programme is interesting and extremely useful and can be completed in less than two weeks online. For the second program, an extra 20 hours of teaching practice is included. For both programs you will also be mentored by an experienced tutor to help you until your certification.

Learning English on holiday in France

You want to not only learn English but also experience it? You want to get better in a structured and safe environment whilst still having fun on your holidays? Then the Daily English immersion program is for you! Spend from one to four weeks in an English family in France with other students your age, and enjoy the experience of learning in the most authentic and entertaining way possible. Improve your level of English and enjoy many activities every day.

Living like an Englishman or woman is the best way to learn about so many great things, like traditions, sports, food, to speak and understand English a lot more easily, to make new friends and have the adventure of a lifetime. Make your holidays fun and useful with Daily English!